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Covid-19 Legal
What is a risk assessment? In its simplest form a risk assessment is an evaluation a person completes to ensure that there are no risks or hazards which may cause damage to individuals or assets and if there are, to mitigate those risks or hazards. An employer is required by law to protect their employees […]Read More… (Read more)
Covid-19 Legal
There is currently a conflict in legislation which is going to cause employers some massive issues in the coming months and it is only going to be resolved with case law! The technology is in place to provide proof of vaccination from Covid-19, either as a paper-based system or with biometric vaccine certificates. AND Employers […]Read More… (Read more)
Covid-19 Legal
Definition: Lay-offs are useful ways of handling temporary work shortages and adverse trading conditions without having to resort to redundancy. An employee is ‘laid off’ during a particular week if the employer is unable to provide any work for them for that week and as a result, the employee is not paid. Overview: Lay-offs can be a […]Read More… (Read more)