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Culture Policies and Procedures
As Brits we are used to the occasional snow day, when children are sent home from school and train lines are suspended due to ‘the wrong kind of snow’. But what we are not so used is the scorching heat and soaring temperatures being recorded this summer. There are minimum working temperatures in the UK […]Read More… (Read more)
Culture Legal Policies and Procedures
The ‘working world’ post COVID-19 pandemic does not quite look the same as it did two years ago and although the rigour and pressures of working life have returned in full force for many, the impact of the pandemic looks like it will persist for the foreseeable future, particularly in the form of our working […]Read More… (Read more)
What is Blue Monday? Blue Monday is a term created by Sky Travel in 2005 to help them sell more holidays‼! Typically the 3rd Monday in January is now referred to as Blue Monday as it is cold, dark and the credit card bills from Christmas have all arrived. People are told that they should […]Read More… (Read more)
Culture Policies and Procedures
Can you bring a dog to work? This is a topic which I am being asked to talk about a lot recently. I was quoted in the i-paper and now I’ve been interviewed for Radio 4’s You and Yours programme. Although this is a topic I have been talking about for years, usually on ‘International […]Read More… (Read more)
Culture Policies and Procedures Recruitment
In a business which wants to thrive, all your staff need to be pulling in the same direction. Most people assume that performance management is something which happens to an employee when they are failing to ‘perform’ at the required level. However, when performance is properly and pro-actively managed, there are a number of elements […]Read More… (Read more)
As a manager, there is a fine line between being concerned and becoming too involved; between parenting and managing. All employers have a duty of care to ensure the physical and psychological wellbeing of their staff at work. However, with work now extending to the home environment for many employees, the line between work and […]Read More… (Read more)
Culture Human Resources Policies and Procedures
There are lots of reasons why an employee may want to have a confidential conversation with someone, and HR can be a great starting place. In some cases, HR will be part of an internal department or an individual in the business with responsibility for HR. In other cases, it may be an outsourced HR […]Read More… (Read more)