HR Support Hertfordshire

Since its formation in 2007, DOHR has been based in Hertfordshire, supporting charities and businesses across the county. A member of both the Watford and Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, DOHR believes that being part of a community means that we understand the challenges faced by employers in that community.

From transportation, to childcare and from covid to skills shortages for rural businesses, by working in the county ourselves we face many of the same issues.

Originally based in Bushey, as we have grown we have had offices in Elstree and Watford and are now based in Borehamwood. We had a wonderful 12 months or so based in offices at Elstree Aerodrome – amazing in the summer but a little chilly in the winter and very noisy as planes and helicopters took off over your head, especially if you were trying to film outdoors‼!

HR Services in Hertfordshire

HR has changed significantly over the years and today provides both strategic and operational support to businesses large and small.

If a business has staff, you have HR and need to do it right.

Even if you think you don’t have staff, because you have a team of contractors, you need to ensure their employment status remains correct, and that is dependent on what happens in practice, not what the agreement actually says.

hr support hertfordshire

From a strategic perspective

Have you got the staff you need? Have they got the skills they need? If a key person leaves, who will succeed them? Are any of your current staff able to step up? Could they step up if they had the right training and development?

What are you doing to position yourself as an employer of choice? In 2017 there were 58,000 enterprises in Hertfordshire employing 665,000 people. If you want top talent, ask yourself the key question: What can I offer them that really matters that no one else can?

From an operational perspective

You need to be able to be able to recruit, onboard, administer, support, develop, reward and at some point exit employees. This is all the practical side of HR which needs to happen to ensure compliance, engagement and performance.

HR Support available

At DOHR we are able to support businesses as little or as much as they require. As a local business, we are able to provide onsite support for training, recruitment, disciplinaries, management meetings, HR surgeries for employees and Board / Trustee meetings as required. For most clients, telephone, email and zoom support is more than sufficient, but being local, you have options.

We work with many clients on a retained basis so that for a fixed monthly fee, they have the support they when they need it. These clients have a primary HR Advisor allocated to them and that advisor works with them to understand their business, culture and needs. In addition, if you need a specialist skill such as training or a day of interviewing, the most appropriate member of the team will provide that service.

We also work with clients on an ad hoc basis. They don’t need to pay every month, they may only need support once a year ……. and that’s fine too. We don’t tie people in, we are genuinely here to help and to see your business thrive.

Got too much HR to do? Can’t cope? We can help with that too! We offer clients a fully outsourced HR department. Still working with your HR Advisor, they are supported by an HR Director and an HR Assistant. From admin to Board meetings, we have you covered.

Blissful naivety

Very often business owners and managers don’t know what they don’t know and that can be a dangerous place to be. HR is a strange beast and sometimes doing what ‘feels right’ is exactly what can land you in hot water. It is really important that you take advice and understand the implications of what are planning to do before you do it.

Being able to pick up the phone and say:

“How do I do this?” or
“This is what I want to do, is it legal?”
could save you thousands of pounds, hours of stress
and years of reputational damage.