HR Support

As a business forms and grows, for success, it will need accountancy, marketing and IT support, often engaging external professionals to provide the expertise. Human Resources (HR) advice is no different.

From the time that a business engages its first employee, regardless of its size, it is obliged to comply with employment legislation and HR best practice. Combine these with case law and popular culture and you have a constantly changing landscape in which business owners are expected to manage staff correctly, efficiently and effectively.

Dedicated HR Advisors

At DOHR, our services are designed to enable business owners and managers to concentrate on their core products and services, while we reduce the risks associated with people management.

There are many ways in which HR can be split, but one which makes the most sense to our clients is the life-cycle model:

  1. Hiring– including recruitment, selection and promotions.
  2. Managing – seen as the traditional area of HR and involving support for the day to day issues as well as the administration of employment.
  3. Inspiring – which includes pay and benefits as well as training, development and performance management. It is all about the culture of the business and where real differentiation from competitors can take place.
  4. Firing – this includes dismissals, TUPE, redundancy, retirement and resignations.

As a boutique HR practice, we offer a one-stop-shop and can support clients with as little or as much People Management as required. We specialise in putting together bespoke packages to ensure that businesses are covered at an administrative, operational and strategic level with a combination of onsite and offsite support.

One of our dedicated HR advisors is allocated to each client for day to day support, bringing in the expertise of the wider team as required.

As a multi-award winning HR practice, DOHR is able to support businesses with their HR compliance and provides support on an ad-hoc, retained or fully outsourced HR basis.

We differ significantly from the helplines as we are not insurance led. We are business focussed and realistic, working with you as a member of your senior management team to ensure that the people within your business are managed effectively and are focussed on achieving your organisational goals.