How much do HR companies charge?

One of the biggest questions prospective clients have for us is how much is it going to cost?

At the end of the day, you’ve got a budget. Yes, you need the job doing, but there is a cost associated with that.

In this video, Donna shares some of the elements that make up the costs and gives you an insight into what costs are involved in outsourcing your HR to us, either on an ad hoc, retained, or outsourced basis.

Because our service is customised to you as an individual business, it’s quite difficult to put a precise figure into a video such as this. If you look at our Get a Quote Page there will be a chart with our standard fees in it and what you can expect to pay, but it doesn’t take into consideration your particular circumstances.

It’s like how long is a piece of string?

Ad hoc service

Based on a pay-as-you-go basis, it’s calculated based on an hourly rate. Our prices generally start from £150 an hour, and it’s done on a time-spent basis. So if you use half an hour of our time within the month, you’ll only get an invoice for £75 plus VAT, at the end of the month.

Retained Support

With our retainer, we look at the number of staff that you’ve got within your business. That’s one of the biggest determining factors of our fee structure. We know from years of experience, that with roughly X number of staff, you are going to need approximately y amount of time. Now, it’s possible that you’re going to go significantly over that, in which case, we would have a conversation. But our starting prices for up to 10 employees is £400 a month for a retained service.

Outsourced HR

If you want to step up from the retained service and you want to fully outsource your HR to us, then prices start at £850 per month for up to 10 employees. However, that doesn’t include on-site time for meetings or situations like disciplinaries, grievances, training or recruitment. That’s where the customisation becomes in really important.

Get a Quote

If you take a look at our Get a Quote page, you will find some get-a-quote buttons. Hit one of those, enter your details, and tell us what you’ve got and what you are looking for. Have you got a contract? Have you got a handbook? Tell us what you’re looking for in terms of services.

We’ll get that form. Chances are we’ll need to give you a call, understand a bit more about your organisation, what your growth plans are, what you think you want from your HR support. And then we’ll be able to give you a full, customised quote.

Fixed Fees

We’ve also got some fixed fee options. So if you need us to come in and do a handbook from scratch, but you don’t want a retained or outsource service, then our fees start at £2000. Now that sounds a lot for a handbook, but that handbook is fully customised for your business. So we’ll have an hour’s consultation call with you, we’ll understand exactly what you want your policies and procedures to be, and some clients will just say, “Make it legal”.

Well, yes, we can do that, but, what do you want your dress code policy to be? What do you want your smoking policy to be? What do you want your working hours to be? Do people have half an hour lunch break? Do people have three quarters of an hour or an hour? Do they start at nine? Do they finish at 5:30? Do they finish at 6:00? Do they have to work at weekends?  We’ll cover all of that with you in a consultation call. When we give you your contract or your handbook, it’s fully customised with your fonts, your colours, your logo, and in effect, it’s plug and play. You’re ready to roll that out to your staff.

We can do some work on a fixed fee basis if you want ad hoc support, or the handbook and contract are included in your retainer or your outsourced service if you want more support with your HR.