How do I test candidates for a role?

Why should I conduct tests on candidates?

Hi, Donna here. We’re looking at our 52 top tips again today. And it’s still recruitment. So today is day six. We are on the six of diamonds and it’s all about testing. 

Testing may be for skills or personality, and can be done prior to the interview or as part of an assessment centre. It needs to be specific for the role, and all candidates at that stage should be subject to the same test. 

There are lots of different tests available to purchase, but it must be relevant. And some tests will need to be interpreted by a professional. Using online skills testing can help to shortlist candidates, where a high number of applicants were received. It’s also a good way of sifting out people who are just applying for anything and everything. Because actually, those people can’t be bothered to actually go through a test procedure online. 

When you test is pretty much up to you, some people do it at the same time as receiving an application form. Some people will send a link to a test when they actually acknowledge

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