Why is on the job training important?

How can I train my staff safely?

Hi. So, today’s top tip is the 10 of clubs and it’s all about on the job training. 

Most of the time on the job training just happens without people even being aware of it. People learn by doing and when asked to do something for the first time, learning on the job can be quite daunting. Managers need to create opportunities for people to learn on the job, but ensure that it’s done in a safe, low risk way, so that the employee is not under undue pressure, they have the opportunity of succeeding, and the business is not exposed as a result of the learning process. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are definitely roles in life and in business that you wouldn’t want someone learning on the job. You wouldn’t allow a brain surgeon to practise on a live human being, if they haven’t had other ways of practising , observing, and doing bits of the job first. So think about that when you’re training on the job. How can you give people bite size bits to do in safe ways, so that their skillset builds up over time until they can do the whole process. 

Learning on the job is essential. You’re never going to get somebody into your business that can do the whole thing and hit the floor running. What you’re looking for is someone who’s got the ability and the aptitude to learn on the job, and then it’s your job to give them the training that they need to succeed within your business.

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