How do I use a probation review?

What's involved?

Hi. Today’s top tip from our 52 top tips is the two of clubs. We’re working through training and development, and the two of clubs is all about probation reviews. 

The employees should receive regular feedback during their probation period. This can be done informally, but if there are any concerns, these should be documented with an action plan. At a minimum the employee should receive a formal written review after three months and then again at about five and a half months. Failing someone in their probation review should not be a surprise. As a result of feedback provided, they should know if their employment is going to be confirmed. 

Having a conversation with somebody about their performance is not the easiest thing and it’s not the most natural thing. When you’re doing a probation review meeting, you need to be really open and honest, and those meetings should be happening on a regular basis throughout your six month probation period. 

They don’t need to be formal, but there should be at least two formal meetings. But they need feedback, they need to know what you expect of them, where they’re succeeding, where they’re not achieving the levels that you want them to achieve and what needs to happen to ensure that they are able to achieve those levels.

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