What is the value of promotions?

Who can you promote?

 Hi, so today’s top tip is one of my all-time favourites. It’s all about promotion and it’s the jack of clubs. 

Promotion: People want to feel they’re progressing in life and promotion can be a highly coveted reward and a strong motivator. Before recruiting externally, think about your internal candidates. They may not be the obvious people and they may require a little more training, but it’s a great retention tool if people feel there’s an opportunity to develop their career, and it’s usually more cost effective for the business in terms of training and recruitment, time, and cost. 

Now, it’s always good to have a succession plan within your business and promoting people is part of that. We’ve already talked about multi-skilling people, but this is when you’re taking them to the next level. Making sure that you know what people want from their career, don’t assume, always ask, and how they’re going to get there is really important. That might come from one-to-ones. It might come from an annual appraisal. But if a vacancy becomes available, look at your existing workforce. Who’s got the ability even if they don’t have the current skills?

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