BNI – 60 Seconds – 23rd November

I thought I would give you an example of some of the issues I am working on this week:

• A policy for working and paying for overtime and on call in a 24 hour a day maintenance and installation company

• Writing up the notes for a disciplinary meeting I assisted with last week, including the outcome letter

• Finalising contracts for two clients

• Preparing all the HR documentation for a Boarders and Immigration inspection visit

• I am also in the process of hiring myself some help – I don’t know if you are aware of it, but thank you Jeremy!

This week I am looking for a referral to Accountants, Elliot, Woolfe and Rose in Edgware. I believe I can add value to their business by helping their payroll clients to become fully HR compliant.

I am Donna Obstfeld, the Company is DOHR and we do HR, making the workplace a better place to be.