BNI – 60 Seconds – 26th October

So often I am bought in to help a company once there has been a problem…..

– They have an employment tribunal against them
– They have a difficult employee who has gone for years unmanaged
– There is a back pay payroll claim
– There is an unacceptable level of absence

DOHR prefers to work proactively with businesses ensuring that they are legally compliant and adopting best practices to ensure that their employees become and remain engaged with their business, actively contributing to the ongoing success of the business.

By working with Accountants and other professional business advisors DOHR is able identify risks and help manage them before they become threats to the survival of the business. This week I am looking for a referral to Accountants in North West London

I am Donna Obstfeld, the Company is DOHR and we Do HR, making the workplace a better place to be.