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Human Resources Legal Policies and Procedures
When an employee is off sick or is still at work but has confirmed they have a medical condition which impacts on their ability to work in some way, it is possible for HR, the line manager or the business owner to request medical information. In an ideal world, your contract of employment will make […]Read More… (Read more)
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
Whether an HR policy is contractual depends on the policy, the organisation, the law and the contract of employment. In all cases, it should be easy for both staff and managers to determine whether something is contractual or not. The first place to look for contractual clauses is the contract of employment. The contract of […]Read More… (Read more)
Culture Human Resources Policies and Procedures
There are lots of reasons why an employee may want to have a confidential conversation with someone, and HR can be a great starting place. In some cases, HR will be part of an internal department or an individual in the business with responsibility for HR. In other cases, it may be an outsourced HR […]Read More… (Read more)
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
They should be able to do so, but it depends on several factors: what you ask them for whether you accept their recommendations how much they really understand your business how often the law and best practice changes how they keep themselves up to date with changes Then, like with many things, it may not […]Read More… (Read more)
Human Resources
What HR Support you need, what HR support you want and what HR support you can afford should all be the same thing, but the reality is that very often they are not. Determining your need for HR Support (see Do I need HR?) is one thing, deciding how you get that support into your […]Read More… (Read more)
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
Unless the employee is actually in the HR department, HR should not actually be the ones making the decision about whether or not to fire an employee. The documents you need to look at in your business are the contract of employment and the employee handbook. It is essential that, if you have these documents, […]Read More… (Read more)
Human Resources
From the time that a business takes on its first employee, it needs HR. It will be informal at first and will be the business owner managing their employee, but even from day 1, there are legal obligations which a company owner is responsible for. When a company takes on its first employee, the 5 […]Read More… (Read more)
Human Resources
HR is the commonly used name for Human Resources. In the past, it has also been referred to as Personnel, Staff Welfare or Human Capital Management. The need for ‘personnel management’ started during the industrial revolution when social reformers such as Lord Shaftesbury started to exert pressure on employers with poor employment conditions. HR has […]Read More… (Read more)