HR Changes in 2024

In December, over 50 people attended our webinar helping business owners to plan for the people changes happening in 2024.

Did you know, there are 3 key reasons why your HR policies and practices may need to change in 2024?

1 – changes to legislation

2 – changes to regulations and best practice guidelines

3 – changes as a result of case law

At the current time, we believe there are 23 changes which should be taken into consideration. Before you can decide what changes, if any, you need to make within your business, you need to know what changes are coming:

  1. Annual wage increases
  2. Data Protection
  3. Fire and Rehire
  4. Flexible working
  5. Holiday entitlements
  6. Immigration
  7. Leave for carers
  8. Minimum service levels during strikes
  9. Neonatal care leave and pay
  10. Non-compete clauses
  11. Paid leave for victims of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland
  12. Paternity leave
  13. Pension auto-enrolment
  14. Pensions dashboard
  15. Predictable terms and conditions for work
  16. Pregnancy and maternity protections
  17. Prevention of sexual harassment
  18. Reform to check off in the public sector
  19. Revocation of some retained EU laws
  20. Rolled up holiday pay
  21. Tips for workers
  22. TUPE consultation
  23. Working time record keeping

Want to find out more about these changes and what they might mean for you and your business? Click on the links above, which we are continually updating.

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