Stop Press ………

It’s been an absolutely fantastic year here at DOHR (so far) and on Friday, some fantastic ‘icing on the cake’ type news reached us at the office…

…we’ve been shortlisted for the “HR Consultancy of the Year” award by a panel of 12 expert judges!

The “HR Distinction Awards” that takes place next February at the ICC in Birmingham recognises a wide variety of categories, including talent management, change management, people development, innovative use of technology and it’s a great honour to be shortlisted!

Bearing in mind our original mission statement; to make the workplace a better place to be, I can’t help but feel unashamedly proud and privileged that my team have been recognised as demonstrating…

“A strategic approach to all aspects of HR management”

“An approach that benchmarks and strives for HR excellence within the function”

“Innovative and unique approaches to addressing a key business issue”

“The ability to effectively overcome complex strategic issues”

“A quantifiable contribution to commercial or organisational achievements”

…high praise – if I do say so myself!

We’re up against four other industry professionals so (if you wouldn’t mind) keep your fingers crossed this February!

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