I’m going to let you into a little secret……


A box of chocolates, a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers are often seen as nice presents to give an employee, but done wrong, they can be truly offensive.

Don’t believe me?

Should you send chocolates to a diabetic or someone who you know has been on diet for the last 12 months?

Would a bottle of wine be appreciated by a Muslim employee who does not drink alcohol or an employee who is tea total?

Would a male employee appreciate flowers, or would he be offended if you sent flowers to all the women, but sent him a bottle of wine?

Gifts are a wonderful way to show your staff you care, but they need to be carefully thought through, be appropriate in size and value and not leave you open to claims of favouritism or discrimination.

How do you celebrate a birthday or a work anniversary?

How do you reward a great piece of work or the winning of a large contract?

How do you recognise someone who goes above and beyond?

At this moment in time, leaders need to take stock of how 2020 affected their employees and their company culture.”  Take a read of this white paper to understand the next threat to your business as we start to come out of the pandemic.

This Valentine’s day, have a think about how you can show your staff that you appreciate them, that they are valuable contributors to your business and that you care about how they are feeling.

Survey your staff for free to see what they are really thinking and feeling about your workplace right now.

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At DOHR we are authorised partners of Engagement Multiplier.

They have just released a white paper  looking at the threats to company culture, employee engagement and business success .

“A healthy culture that’s aligned with the strategy helps businesses succeed, creating a framework that improves decision-making, provides clarity and engages employees. It also leads to better financial performance and swifter, stronger recovery from an economic downturn.”

Jim Harter, Is your Culture Resilient Enough to Survive Coronavirus?, Gallup 2020

Cited in “New Threats to Company Culture Post-Covid: How to recognise them & protect your organisation” Engagement Multiplier

Click here to download your own copy of the white paper.

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