It’s Valentine’s day on Sunday and this week we are talking love!



I’m not talking about your ‘love life’. Honestly, I’m just not interested.

I’m talking about your staff, your team, those people who work for you and help make your business what it is.

The chances are they are having a really tough time right now and that impacts on their work and that impacts on your business.

While it is not your job to provide medical help, it is absolutely in your best interest and your LEGAL OBLIGATION to ensure that they are OK. To ensure that they are working in a healthy and safe environment in which they feel valued and are able to perform at the level you require. That environment extends to their home while they are working from home for you.

This week, we are looking at seven ways you can show your staff you love them (in the right way).

Today it’s all about TRAINING

Nothing says I value you as an employee more than sending someone on a training course. You are investing in them AND your business.

Now remember, its not what you do, but the way that you do it, that gets results. No one wants to be forced to attend training, so how you show the love is really important.

Tell your staff that you want to do something a bit different for them. You want to give them new skills. Discuss what they would like to do and how it would benefit them and the business.

Last week, I offered all my team the opportunity to be trained mental health first aiders. This is an investment of £300 per head, is a recognised qualification and is something that will give them new skills both inside and away from work. They all said “Yes”

I offered, they accepted.

I am helping my team to grow as individuals and it MAY make them better HR advisors when supporting our clients when their staff have mental health issues.

What training could you offer your staff to help them grow?

I’m sharing a short and easily readable white paper with you when you request it using the button below. It is written by my partners at Engagement Multiplier and is called ‘New Threats to Company Culture post-covid: How to recognise them and protect your organisation’

If you want to take the free, no obligation survey mentioned in the white paper, you can do so here.

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