Will the Olympics sink your business?

With only 494 days until the start of the Olympics, have you started planning to protect your business?
Having the Olympics in London in 2012 has given many businesses an opportunity for growth they would not otherwise have had. However, if your business is based in or around any of the Olympic sites, will you thrive or suffocate as a result of the increase in the number of people in the area?
For restaurants, shops, pubs, hotels and other service sector businesses, the Olympics will be a huge financial boost, but if your business requires your staff to be at work on time, to move around the community as part of their role or to travel into and out of London on a regular basis, contingency and business continuity planning is essential.

Have you started to prepare your business so that you can take full advantage of the Olympics? Here are some questions you may want to consider…..

  • How many staff will you allow to take leave on a specific day
  • Will leave be taken from annual entitlements or as an additional allowance
  • If you need to shut down your business during the Olympics, will staff have to use their annual leave entitlement? If not, will you continue to pay them?

You need to plan and your business needs to plan. Employers need to develop a policy and communicate it now. People are reserving their tickets and will need to know what their entitlements are.

Employees, if your business isn’t raising the issue, I encourage you to do so.

Please take some time to share your “Olympics at work” stories with us.

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