Shre Mullick

Shre graduated from University of Manchester (Sotheby’s Institute of Art) with an Art Business degree (MA) and has completed a BA & MA in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University, India.

She is particularly interested in infographic design, content management and the integration of AI in marketing. Her dissertation focused on mergers and acquisitions in art businesses around the world, particularly digital entities, mainframes and assets. 

Working behind the scenes for a while, Shre joined the DOHR team on a part time basis in May 2023. She is our Online Marketing Manager, responsible for bringing DOHR to life online and ensuring that translates into our offline marketing activities. She supports us with design, social media and content, making sure we are even more visible.

She gets on particularly well with Frank and has given him and his herd a life of their own.

Shre is a visual thinker and has previously worked in data design & cultural analytics and marketing. She has undertaken volunteering roles with several charities such as Action Tutoring and Royal Society for Blind Children.

Shre is the creative force behind The Brand Mirror.

Favourite part of the job:

Designing Frank & all things related to Frank

3 words which your colleagues would use to describe you:

Dependable, Creative & Funny


MA in Art Business
MA Comparative Literature

Favourite Series:

The Big Bang Theory

Favourite Meal:

Anything mum makes

Favourite Music:


Perfect Holiday Destination:

Anything with a beach

If you could spend your weekend doing anything, what would it be:

Video Games

Pet hate:

Fidgeting sounds

Something no one / very few people
know about you:

I’ve travelled to all 28 states in India by the time I was 28.