Thought for the day: Fuel

Why should staff work from home?

Take a look at my thought for the day, but there are lots of reasons why you might want to allow your staff to work from home for the next couple of weeks.

Employees will be under pressure and trying to find enough fuel to get to work will only add to their stress levels. As an employer, if your business will still function with employees working from home, I recommend you take the initiative.

There are people who can’t work from home and others who need their vehicles to do their jobs such as community carers, taxi drivers, paramedics etc. By allowing your staff to work from home, you are allowing the teachers to get to school, the retail workers to get to shops, patients to get to appointments and the Amazon drivers to deliver to homes.

Be proactive and show your staff how much you value them and lead by example.

Are my team working from home? From today ….. yes we are!

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