What options are available for HR Support?


The way in which we work with clients will vary depending on what they need. During our initial discussion, we’ll establish exactly what’s needed.

The three main options that are available are

  • ad hoc support
  • retained support, or
  • fully outsourced support.

Ad hoc Support

With ad hoc, it’s like a pay-as-you-go contract. You sign our terms of business. You can pick up the phone whenever you need and get the support you need. If we spend five minutes on the phone call and we draft a document for you, which takes another 10 minutes, then at the end of the month, you would get an invoice for 15 minutes of time. That works on an hourly rate based on an actual time spent basis, like your mobile phone, pay as you go.

Retained Support

The next option that we have, the next two options that we have are retained and outsourced. And this is where we do the HR for you, but to a greater or lesser extent. With the retained package, you pay an amount per month and you can pick up the phone and get the support that you need. So it’s telephone and email support. You get the luxury of having a dedicated HR advisor who really gets to know your business. We give you an HR system to use, which really makes life easier. We can log onto it, you can log onto it and the staff can log onto it. They can book their holidays, you can log their sickness, and you can get them to sign contracts and documents all from within the HR system, so it saves a lot of the admin time.

You also get a regular email from us on a weekly basis with any updates and things that are going on, a quarterly newsletter, and your contract of employment and employee handbook are kept up to date. So as the law changes and as things evolve, even within your business, then we’ll keep those up to date for you. In addition to that, you get a discount on any recruitment, training or onsite fees, so any additional time that you need is all discounted because you’ll have a retainer in place.

Outsourced Support

In addition to that, as an outsourced client, we also have an annual strategic review meeting, where we set the direction for the next 12 months, and sometimes for three years, depending on the nature of your organisation. We also have quarterly review meetings with the key contact within the business. We wouldn’t do it with all the managers, it would be with one or two key contacts. In addition to that, we now also offer an employee engagement survey and also an employee benefits platform; and those are included in an outsourced service. So we really are your whole HR department and we do all of your HR administration for you i.e. offer letters, taking up reference checks, writing out for medical records if that’s what’s necessary. The only thing we can’t do, but we will help you with it, is your right-to-work checks. Someone within the organisation has to do that. We’re not allowed to do that for you. But all of your other HR administration is all stuff that we take off your plate, we manage here, giving you strategic, operational and administrative HR support for your business, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Discovery call

If you’re not sure which of our services best suits your needs, book a discovery call, have a chat with myself or one of the team. We’ll talk about where you are now. We’ll talk about the resources  you have in your business, we’ll talk about what’s keeping you awake at night, and we’ll help you to look at what you need and how we can best meet that for you in your particular business.