• Flexible Stats

    Flexible Stats

    As we navigate the evolving landscape of the UK job market, there’s a clear trend that’s impossible to ignore: flexibility is no longer just a perk, it’s a necessity. Recent data from Flexa, as reported by Personnel today has revealed some eye-opening trends that highlight why adapting to this new norm is crucial for our…

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  • The Future is Flex: Navigating the New Flexible Working Bill

    The Future is Flex: Navigating the New Flexible Working Bill

    Put on your future-gazing glasses, because we’re heading into a new era of working. Imagine a world where your staff can work not just from the office, but from their cosy homes, bustling cafes, or even while soaking up the sun on a beach. What was once considered a privilege may be about to become…

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  • The Changing Face of HR

    The Changing Face of HR

    HR has been through many changes over the years, but I do believe it is currently experiencing a seismic shift. In part this is due to covid and Brexit, but in part it is also due to changes in Politics, Economics, Society, Technology, Legal and Environmental (PESTLE) factors. I was using the chart above in…

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  • Flexible working in the future???

    Below are three links you need! Our panel discussion on Flexible Working which took place in July 2021. A link to the Government proposals A link to the consultation document Do not be upset withthe legislation you get if you don’t take the opportunity to have your say now! The closing date for consultation is…

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  • What is flexible working?

    What is flexible working?

    The term ‘flexible working’ means lots of different things depending on who you are speaking to. To some it is the ability to work part-time, to others the ability to work from home and to others the ability to work shifts or on a zero hours basis. The right to request flexible working has been…

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  • PeopleTalk – July 2010

    Welcome Since our last newsletter DOHR has gone from strength to strength, taking on four new clients and pitching for several more. This has been an exciting and busy time – whoever said the summer was the quietest period? You will find below a couple of interesting articles which as always, will help you to…

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